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Harvey Productions’ Services
Recording, Mixing, & Mastering
Social Media Consulting
Full Production & Management
At Harvey Productions studios we pride ourselves in offering our clients the ‘full package’. This is to ensure you have everything you need to jumpstart or progress your musical career to the next level. This includes studio time for band rehearsal, and recording, mixing, mastering, and performance production for your music. We also upon request offer management, publishing possibilities, show booking, personal website design, social media consulting, album pressing with custom art, music video production, documentary production, outreach for sync licensing, and even instrument repair. If it looks like there is something we DON’T do, ask, because chances are we have the resources to get what ever it is you need done.

Harvey Productions’ Mission Statement
To discover, nurture, and aggrandize passionate and talented musicians through a collaborated team effort; providing the facility and community necessary for them to thrive in today’s industry as well as their own musical abilities. Specifically, in an attempt to inspire, enhance, and entertain the world’s population for the betterment of the human experience.